Social elections cheat sheet 2024

Information on the organisation of the Social Elections (Belgium)

Below you will find the most important points to know about the organisation of social elections in the form of tables.

When ?

June 2024

Documents and Templates

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Where ?


Which lists for which colleges, by ballot

Lists per Colleges Ballot : Comité (CPPT) Ballot : Conseil (CE) Condition on the college
CPPT si au moins 50 travailleurs CE si au moins 100 travailleurs
Collège Ouvriers
  • FGTB
  • CSC
  • FGTB
  • CSC
Collège Employés
  • FGTB
  • CSC
  • FGTB
  • CSC
Collège Jeunes travailleurs
  • FGTB
  • CSC
  • FGTB
  • CSC
si au moins 25 travailleurs de moins de 25 ans sont employés
Collège Cadres -
  • FGTB
  • CSC
  • CNC
si au moins 15 cadres sont employés

Number of seats according to the number of employees

The following table applies to the CPPT and the EC.

Number of seats on the day of the vote Number of seats
< 101 4
101 - 500 6
501 - 1000 8
1001 - 2000 10
2001 - 3000 12
3001 - 4000 14
4001 - 5000 16
5001 - 6000 18
6001 - 8000 20
> 8000 22

Roles in the e-voting application

The names of the roles are presented in the masculine gender in an arbitrary way, without presuming the gender of the polling station members.

Role Maximum number
Chairperson 1
Substitute Chairperson 1
Secretary 1
Substitute Secretary 1
Assessor 4
Witness 4


Key dates definition

Date Calcul Description
0 Start of the pre-election phase
X 0 + 60 Publication of election dates. 60 days of pre-election phase until day X
Y X + 90
Date of social election ballots (voter vote). 90 days of election phase until day Y

Steps and formalities

Before Description
X-60 Communication to its employees, consultation bodies or trade union delegation of a certain amount of information.
X-35 Communication to the works council, the CPPT or the trade union delegation of the number of technical operating units, the functions of management and executive staff and a list of the persons who exercise these functions.
X-30 Candidates and elected delegates may no longer be dismissed except for serious, economic or technical reasons.
X-28 The period for lodging an appeal with the labour court has ended.
X The period for lodging an appeal with the labour court ends.
X+7 End of period for lodging an appeal with the works council or committee concerning the electoral lists, the number of mandates per body and per category, or the lists of management and executive staff.
X+35 Submission of lists of candidates by organisations representing employees.
X+40 Communication of lists of candidates by posting a notice and appointment of chairmen and deputy chairmen.
X+47 End of the period for complaints against the lists of candidates.
X+54 End of the period for amending the list of candidates and appointment of the president, deputy presidents and secretaries of each polling station.
X+56 Display of the modified lists of candidates. If necessary, agreement for the election procedure by mail.
X+60 Communication of the composition of the polling stations and the distribution of voters per station.
X+70 Appointment of witnesses by workers' representative organisations.
Y-14 Deadline for replacing a candidate on the list of candidates.
Y-13 Communication of the final lists of candidates.
Y-12 Deadline for submission of election invitations.
Y-11 Interruption of the procedure for certain categories if no list of candidates has been submitted.
Y Elections and counting of votes.
Y+1 Delivery of election documents by chairpersons to the employer.
Y+2 Communication of the results including the composition of the works council or the CPPT.
Y+15 Deadline for contesting election results.
Y+25 Destruction of ballots if no appeal.
Y+69 Deadline for Labour Court to decide on appeals against election results.
Y+84 Deadline for appealing against an appeal by the labour court.
Y+86 Destruction of election results. After this date the results can be destroyed. After this date, the results can be destroyed.
Y+144 End of the electoral procedure and, in the absence of an appeal, destruction of the ballot papers.
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