Historical Fraud

There have been numerous instances of proven fraud in elections around the world, with varying consequences for voters and candidates. Some of the most impressive frauds include:

  • Electoral fraud in Northern Ireland in 1996, where falsified ballot papers were introduced into the ballot box to influence the outcome of the general election.
  • Electoral fraud in the Dominican Republic in 1994, where supporters of the incumbent president used violence and intimidation tactics to prevent opponents from voting.
  • Election fraud in Afghanistan in 2009, where thousands of ballots were falsified to favour the incumbent presidential candidate.
  • Electoral fraud in Russia in 2011, where voters were forced to vote for the ruling party under threat of sanctions.
  • Electoral fraud in Ukraine in 2014, where falsified ballots were introduced into the ballot box to influence the outcome of the presidential elections.

Methods of frauds

There are many other interesting electoral frauds that have come to light around the world. Among these, it is interesting to note:

  • Recount fraud, where the results of ballots are altered to influence the outcome of elections.
  • Voter suppression fraud, where voters are prevented from voting using intimidation or bullying tactics.
  • Dual registration fraud, where voters register twice in two different districts to vote twice.
  • Ballot Substitution Fraud, where ballots are replaced with falsified ballots to influence election results.
  • Ballot stuffing fraud, where ballots are inserted into the ballot box outside of voting hours to influence the election results.

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