Electronic voting options for Social Elections

evoting solution allowed for 2024 Social Elections in Belgium.

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  • Electronic voting options for Social Elections

List of online voting applications

For 2020 social elections, the following voting systems were registered and could be used to organise electronic votes. As soon as the list for 2024 is known, we will maintain the info related to each supplier in this page. All informations are publicly available online.

NameElegioONLZAssembly VotingOAdeoNeovote
CompanyAXI GroupIQ RoomAssembly VotingBlueKryptNeovote
Country🇧🇪 Belgium🇧🇪 Belgium🇩🇰 Danemark🇧🇪 Belgium🇫🇷 France
Company #BE0407653980BE0502743575DK25600665BE0895681370FR55499510600
This company uses ONLZ
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