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Gender distribution in the 2024 social elections

Since the election of the new council of employees in 2024, it is mandatory for the employer to present and discuss with the board of directors an overview of the male-to-female ratio during the social elections.

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Random Sample Voting

Random Sample Voting is a method used in some elections to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the results. It's like taking a representative sample of voters to double-check that the election is fair and that votes are counted correctly.

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The Three-Ballot idea

The Three-Ballot voting system is a cryptographic voting scheme that allows voters to cast three separate encrypted ballots to help ensure the integrity and secrecy of their votes.

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A Strategic Approach to Selecting an Electronic Voting Solution Provider

Elevating Corporate Decision-Making: A Strategic Approach to Selecting an Electronic Voting Solution Provider

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Social elections for HR departments

How to organise social elections in a calm manner?

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Digital Immune System

How to apply Digital Immune System to online voting system ?

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Different types of SaaS Architectures

What's the different Software as a Service architectures that could be used for an online voting software?

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Digital forensics in Europe

Digital forensics is the practice of identifying, analyzing, and preserving digital evidence in a manner that is admissible in a court of law.

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Whistleblowers and online anonymity

A whistleblower is a person who discloses information that he or she considers to be important or of concern

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Probable or proven electoral fraud

There have been many instances of proven fraud in elections around the world, with varying consequences for voters and candidates.

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Online voting and security risks

What are the security risks related to online voting?

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Social elections in Belgium

The history of Social elections in Belgium

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What are the dates of the elections in Belgium?

All Belgian elections by date

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Special negotiating body

Organising Special Negotiating Body for European Company (Societas Europaea, SE) can be done online, using evoting system. Discover how.

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What do you need to run an online election?

The steps and process to prepare and run an online elections using a Software As A Service